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"Please allow me to introduce myself........" : The Rolling Stones

I have no idea what brings you to designedaudio but now that you have arrived, allow me to explain what can be found here.

A list of some of my studio and mobile recording work can be found under "Credits/Engineering", while "Credits/Design" contains a selection of my involvement in musical theatre production.

speaks for itself.
"Home" is where the heart is and where you are now !

Apropos heart, heart and soul sound recording and presentation is what I do best.

"Capturing the moment" is probably one of the greatest challenges facing audio engineers, whether in a recording studio, mobile, musical or theatre environment.

With this in mind, the Grammy nomination for my recording of the "Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate World Tour" Album and the review cited below remain very dear to my heart.

"All the exhilarating energy of a typical Zawinul Syndicate performance has been captured on Joe Zawinul & The Zawinul Syndicate World Tour, an important document of the most happening electric band on the scene today. Recorded over three nights (two at the famous Quasimodo club in Berlin, one at a concert hall in Trier, Germany) ..........."

"The crystalline separation of instruments ...... ........ gives us a studio quality document with all the heightened energy of a live performance.
"I really love this album," says the highly enthusiastic bandleader. "It's a great band and a nice direction. Everybody is playing his ass off and with such heart, which also makes me play better. ........It feels good, man."

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